Wallpaper Wizardrii

Changing the way you set wallpaper ™


Why Wallpaper Wizardrii

Frustrated with not being able to set any image on your phone, the way you want?  Tired of always searching for the right size image to set as your wallpaper?  Wondering why wallpaper apps need unnecessary permissions?

Wallpaper Wizardrii fixes these issues and more.  With Wallpaper Wizardrii you can set any image as wallpaper, and you can set it the way you want it. No more issues with resizing or cropping images to set them as wallpaper.  Now the only reason to crop an image is if you want to.  Wallpaper Wizardrii doesn't need any extra permissions, like accessing your personal data.

Mission Statement

Android's wallpaper user experience is limited and not user friendly.  Wallpaper Wizardrii will make setting Wallpaper on the Android platform more intuitive, enjoyable, and easier with expanded capabilities.  Wallpaper Wizardrii is aimed to be the best wallpaper setter for the Android platform with security in mind.

Wallpaper Wizardrii, "Changing the way you set wallpaper" ™.